Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Being honored and honoring others

Today I just found out I have being honored a Liebster Blog Award by Serena from
Thank you so much Serena, not only that you just have won an award yourself but you share it with others and honor others. This is truly generous of you.

This reminds me of the time I read about a Malaysian artist last year and I was so awed by his artwork and how original his artwork is, that if I have an award I would award him something.

One day my 9 year old son's teacher asked me if I would like to volunteer on the school Art Project Week and do a workshop. I said okay and proposed I wanted to draw art on common objects like Boey.

This is what I basically wrote. This is Boey. He draws animation for computer games. He grew up in Malaysia and lives in the United States. Boey is a computer animator. "What is that?" asked the kids at the workshop. "He designs computer games" I said. At this point the eyes of the boys were wide open. Besides drawing for computer games, Boey draws on styrofoam cups too. Boey's art on styrofoam cups are exhibited in many museums and galleries. Boey's art on styrofoam cups are sold from $400 per cup. (The eyes of the boys became bigger when I said this). So I said I would like to share with kids from Group 4-6 that, art besides on canvas and paper, could also be found in other ordinary, daily, common objects. I show them an example of Boey's work.

Boey's artwork can be found here.

I tried to draw something too.

A kid called Sander drew this.

The kids' artwork inspired by Boey.

A combi of 2 artists. Inspired by Piet Moondriaan and Boey's. Drawn by my daughter ( mum is proud )

I drew something inspired by my gardening. 


We had a great workshop. The kids knew a lot about Karel Appel, Corneille, Gauguin , Vermeer etc. I am so impressed.And now they know about Boey. 

I met a kid in the workshop called Vincent and could draw like Van Gogh.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day

Every year I hear my husband quotes " I would buy you roses, bring you out to dinner and utter I love you any day except on this day because it seems so fake"

I don't really bother to argue but if you are looking for some facts here it is's_Day

Okay, instead of going out to a restaurant that is most of the time full or buy roses which is most of the time the price of diamonds, you could stay at home and bake some rose cookies.

They are yummy and not too expensive. 

         Happy Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Coral and Shells Cake

Baked this cake to match my white colour theme Christmas tree. It was a simple cake with nothing to shout about but I am amazed by its deco myself.

Didn't have a chance to post this until now. The corals were amazing. I just whipped some egg whites with powder sugar until a thick consistency I wanted to pipe this corals shapes and placed it on to this cake with some simple whipped cream. The shells were just store bought chocolates.

Winter seems to have just started over here marking a minus seven degrees Celcius today. It will be snowing tomorrow. White colour has not really gotten off ground.