Thursday, March 28, 2013

Happy Easter Cake in Egg

I have decided to incorporate it in an egg to grace this occasion, Easter!
But of course, my daughter(especially) and I can't wait to try the real deal one day.

Happy Easter!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Tea time with Amelia & Curry Puffs

I learnt how to cook this pineapple sandfish(wich) from
It is yummy with pineapple flavour grilled fish sandwich with two pineapple barks.

I ran to Amelia for help when I lost my music in my blog. She was kind enough to help me. I am so happy to listen to my own music playlist whenever I am here. Thank you Amelia!

So I feel I owe Amelia at least coffee or tea. I have decided to ask Amelia for tea and sample some curry puffs I baked for the first time. Help yourself Amelia, feel free to grab one or two curry puffs, don't be shy! Do you like some sugar in your tea? I added some music notes on the sugar with marzipan, you know? To remind you again I have music! Thank you so much Amelia.

This is the first time I bake curry puffs and that of the spiraal kind. Do you like it? I borrowed this recipe from

Like Amelia always says, "Have a great weekend!"

Friday, March 8, 2013

Matcha Roll

Before I was off skiing in Austria, I learnt how to bake matcha swiss roll from cooking with dog

I like this recipe a lot!

So I tried replacing matcha with cocoa powder.

Replacing cocoa powder to orange juice.

Guess the video is helpful if my drawing is not.

Instead of cooking with the dog, I was busy rolling clay with my cat into something else too.

 THis piece is sold, yayyy!

Been busy  rock and rolling swiss rolls , ceramic clay, rolled down the slopes and among other things I know I should start updating my website
I will start and keep the ball rolling soon.

But for now I will just follow my cat's work ethic ......