Friday, April 29, 2011


I have been away to France but return with lots of inspiration. I have visited my sister and her friends at her homestead in France. I learned lots of new information and knowledge on gardening and cooking. From Boeuf Bourguignon to Macarons to how Charlotte is not a cake and Confi de Canard is not from a can and how without Creme Brulee and Moelleux Au Chocolate a restaurant is not a French restaurant.

I can't wait to try the new recipes out in my own kitchen and share them here. I came back just in time to watch the royal wedding with 2 billions others on TV. I have to say, what a beautiful dress with all that lace details designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen. Reminds me of the cupcakes I baked not long ago. I copied the idea from a picture I saw in the Dutch magazine Libelle

I was a bit too early for any braderie in France but I found something which I really think is so pretty.

Will be back next week to blog more.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

Happiness is a bit like Easter Eggs, searching for it is the most fun.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Eggshell votives


One more art and craft just in time for Easter.

I saw how to make this egg votives at martha stewart's website.


Thursday, April 21, 2011



Since about 5 years ago I have seasonal allergy. In the months (Spring-Summer) I enjoy being outdoor the most I have hay fever. Sometimes it is so serious I could be really sick. A friend sent me a link recently that one could try drinking camomile tea with ginger and it helped her with her hay fever.

I thought this sounds so easy as I like drinking tea. Here are some of my favorite tea.

This tea is special. My bestfriend, I called her Lady Fafa's aunt cleaned and dried the ingredients which is common in cooking for me. It taste good and very fragrant. Thank you Aunty Goody.

They are available at my backyard actually. 

As I was preparing this table with different tea sorts, my 8 year old daughter walked in to the kitchen with her friends. After awhile of "what's this? what's that?" they asked me if they could try them. I say why not?! I like adventurous kids like them. After awhile of tasting this and tasting that, giggled here and giggled there and instead of " Eeeeuuuuuw..." they all concluded they like one particular tea the best. "Which one?" I asked. It turned out to be the mint tea!

That is pretty easy for me because I have some mint growing wild and happy in the backyard!

As for the hay fever tea remedy, I will let you know after summer if it really work.

Honoring Art on Common Objects like Boey and being Liebster honored

Today I just found out I have being honored a Liebster Blog Award by Serena from
Thank you so much Serena, not only that you just have won an award yourself but you share it with others and honor others. This is truly generous of you.

This reminds me of the time I read about a Malaysian artist last year and I was so awed by his artwork and how original his artwork is, that if I have an award I would award him something.

One day my 9 year old son's teacher asked me if I would like to volunteer on the school Art Project Week and do a workshop. I said okay and proposed I wanted to draw art on common objects like Boey.

This is what I basically wrote. This is Boey. He draws animation for computer games. He grew up in Malaysia and lives in the United States. Boey is a computer animator. "What is that?" asked the kids at the workshop. "He designs computer games" I said. At this point the eyes of the boys were wide open. Besides drawing for computer games, Boey draws on styrofoam cups too. Boey's art on styrofoam cups are exhibited in many museums and galleries. Boey's art on styrofoam cups are sold from $400 per cup. (The eyes of the boys became bigger when I said this). So I said I would like to share with kids from Group 4-6 that, art besides on canvas and paper, could also be found in other ordinary, daily, common objects. I show them an example of Boey's work.

Boey's artwork can be found here.

I tried to draw something too.

A kid called Sander drew this.

The kids' artwork inspired by Boey.

A combi of 2 artists. Inspired by Piet Moondriaan and Boey's. Drawn by my daughter ( mum is proud )

I drew something inspired by my gardening. 



We had a great workshop. The kids knew a lot about Karel Appel, Corneille, Gauguin , Vermeer etc. I am so impressed. 

I met a kid in the workshop called Vincent and could draw like Van Gogh.

Spring Blossoms

One day,

Me : Ladies, look at my Prunus plant blossoms, pretty huh?

Lynette : Isn't that a Sakura?

Gaby : ??!!??

Me : I don't know, a few years ago when I bought it, it came with       a tag.The label says Prunus. Sakura is in Japan!

Lynette : What's the difference between Sakura and Prunus?

Gaby : Yeah, what's the difference?!

Me : Errrrr.....Mmmm.....

Coincidently, a few days later I came across an article over blossoms. So here it is courtesy of the magazine Libelle.

According to Wikipedia Sakura is a cherry blossom plant called Prunus Serrulata. It doesn't produce any cherry fruit. The fruit (Sakuranbo) comes from another species of tree. Prunus is a genus of trees and schrubs which include plum, cherries, peaches and almonds.

My 3 year old apple tree has some blossoms too. I live on a lake facing north. Despite getting very little sun and lot's of harsh wind it is still alive and blooming. I am so glad to see this few blossoms. Now, a few apples this year would be nice.

This is a painting I painted.

Can you tell which Prunus is this?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Quick and Easy Chicken Wings

Here is a quick and easy chicken wings recipe. This chicken has no story except I was trying to make something similiar to this famous Wong Ah Wah Chicken Wings in Malaysia. My husband thinks it is simply the best chicken wings in the world. I tried asking the restaurant for the recipe when we ate there. No, I didn't get an answer of course! My SIL bought me a bottle of char siu sauce from Malaysia from Lee Kum Kee. I thought I have seen it sold here too. When I put them next to each other I realized they are not quite the same in terms of colour and taste.

Anyone know why? Mr Lee?

Anyway, this is a quick and easy chicken wings even dummies like me could prepare with the help of Mr. Lee's Char Siu sauce. But my husband still thinks it worth traveling 14 hours on a plane to Malaysia for the Jalan Alor Wong Ah Wah chicken wings. But that don't happen so often. Meanwhile I could enjoy my quick and easy wings anytime!