Friday, March 30, 2012

Easter Eggs art, craft & fun.

DH Sweet Lake suggested Bento lunchbox challenge. I know really nothing about it but I couldn't possibly say no to a creative challenge. Now all I need to do is  look what I have in the pantry right?

                   So today Bunny A decided to give Bunny B his heart.

So I thought this is fun to do as well. An egg craft borrowing the idea from a Mexican tradition Cascarones where confetti filled eggs are used to crack on somebody's head for fun on Easter. Or maybe I could just filled them with a special message , fun to give someone, or I will just go around cracking it on someone's head here.

But my all time favorite Easter egg craft is still this silk tie dye eggs I did last year. Great fun.  See this post click here

Happy Easter

Friday, March 9, 2012

Chocolate Lava Cake

It was a cold brutal winter this year. The Netherlands had went minus 16 degrees Celciius. I was so thrilled to be able to ice skate on a frozen lake. The Alps is covered with even more snow and happy skiers say they could ski until May this year.

I was at the Austrian Alps  a week ago. Look at this mountains covered with great flurries of mass  translucent hexagonal snow crystals. Snow flakes fluttered and stayed. I could not help but feeling a sense of purity witnessing this white snow.

This sense I could relate to the Chocolate Lava Cake I baked some weeks ago.

Chocolate Lava Cake so pure, chocolaty and good. And the warm white chocolate melts inside depicts snow's ultimate intention, warm, melt and transforming to liquid.

A more sophisticated name for a Lava Chocolate Cake is  Moelleux? Yes this time my ramekins were some shells. Thought the white chocolate would depict the gem in a shell.

It was warm later in the week, despite on top of the alps and at a higher altitude. This guys enjoy a different activity when temperature went up to 10 degrees Celcius even at 1800m on the Alps. Sun felt so near to us. Okay I am ready for spring. Especially after I have a bruised black eye from a fall while skiing. No, I was not checking these guys out at the time. Now I need sunglasses. And summer.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Women's Day/ Vrouwen Dag

At the Orchid Pavillion Garden were a few maidens who escaped to the outside court and concentrated on poetry, music, literature, art and most of all nature. Why Orchid Pavillion ? Orchid symbolizes feminity and womanhood. And today is Women's Day. 

Ok didn't hv time to grow orchids here. Just like to tease some of my DH friends . I apologise if I didn't fit in the rest of the DH friends here as they were busy running errand at the inner court.

Baked these for Breast Cancer Awareness Day but thought it is appropriate for today because who else have them but women.

Happy Women's Day