Sunday, April 15, 2012

one year blogging

This month mark  my one year in blogging. I would never have thought of blogging if not of my friend Lianne of allaboutyum.
She said I have the juice for it. Hahahaha... But okay, I was convinced at that time, I could use this place to deposit my "work" as I love making things, anything.

I wasn't much of a cook or great in baking. I don't really own any cookbooks as I have a sister whom I remember baking since she was 12 and I could always count on her for any recipes I need to experiment. Any recipes I have tried  are mostly recipes I asked, copied and borrowed from my sister, my mum and my friends which I posted here as archives for myself if it does not inspire others.

And recently I was awarded Happy Blogger award by and Anuja of Thank you ladies. I really appreciate the awards.

When I started blogging a year ago I wanted to remain as private and anonymous as I can. But soon enough I came to know many bloggers who not only inspire me but are very kind and generous to share their experience, knowledge and took the time to write encouraging comments in my blog.

I had planned to be a little bit more open and personal with my friends in the blogsphere by sharing my little info about myself. Well, nothing spectacular but born and bred in Malaysia, a mother of two, married to a Dutchman and now making The Netherlands my home. Besides blogging I enjoy painting, pottery and ceramics. My art website could be found here. I sell my ceramics here

Just as I wanted to post this I was feeling a bit bummed when my email and computer have been spammed and hacked. I had to deal with the agony of virus detected and emails hacked by a location in Japan as I was told since I clicked and responded to a comment posted in my blog by the name of Heather with a gmail of heathervonsj. I googled her name and found her Facebook Heather von st james. Now I am not sure if she spammed my blog and all other people's blog including 
all by herself or she is a victim of an identity theft.

All I am saying is as I am enjoying depositing my thoughts, journals, crafts, bakes, art and craft or basically what I love doing here  I was unaware of there are people out there who took this as an opportunity to jeopardize and to damage by spamming , hacking and stealing others. If one has so much talent and knowledge why not use it to do something good but bring misery and harm to another person. I was feeling so stressed and discouraged with this situation but would welcome any tips and advice out there from my blogger friends to combat this issue of our privacy, security and safety in the blogsphere. Meanwhile to all blogger friends, beware and be careful out here.

P/s I did baked some banana cupcakes in the winter (my sister used to bake these for me when I was little) but didn't have time to post it (trying to delete spams) but I did ate them while reading post like this and this   which could be educational for me.