Friday, September 27, 2013

Buns and Tableware

Baked some buns today. I wanted to illustrate this recipe for myself as I can't read a recipe while baking. I have to be able to just "look" at a recipe and bake. If I have to read I will probably make some tea and even start have the fireplace on. By the time I finish reading a recipe I might probably doze off like a grandma with my cats nestling near my ankles.

                         I have some steamed yams filling for the buns.

 One thing lead to another, I decided to stuff some white chocolate blocks in the bun dough.

Actually the truth was, I just made some tableware. So I thought I would bake something to photograph my plates with. This is Mayi.
Mayi was formed entirely by hand. Because of this, the surface is irregular. I think irregularities like this should be embraced as  it is handmade.

 I love jade tone glaze like celadon. But I could not find a good celadon colour I like. This time I used lettuce colour glaze on Mayi which turns out to be very jadite.

This is Natanee. It is a bit different from Lacey and Meicy as I used a thicker brush on glaze. The underglaze is a bit runny. I should have used a thicker underglaze. Lacey and Meicy were glazed with a powder form transparent glaze and their clay body are still visible.

I made a baby Lucy to give DH Zoetemeer as a free gift. She bought Lacey and Meicy.

One thing lead to another. And another... I can't help myself but drew something on the buns when trying to label the buns. 

             I am quiet delighted with it myself.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Teochew Mooncakes

Here you go.Mooncakes.Homemade.First attempt.
Thanks to my sis for the recipe.

Oh! I made some plates too. This is called Melanie.

This is Meicy. She is sold.

The yam fillings can replaced with a block of chocolate, cheeses or whatever. Here 500g yam was steamed, mashed, 65g sugar + 20g powder milk + 30g butter added and voila!

Wishing all my family and friends a very Happy mid Autumn Festival!!! 中秋节快乐!举头望明月,低头思故乡