Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Malaysian Pasta Noodle/Pan Mee

This was once the tallest building in the world, The Twin Tower of Malaysia.
I had taken a long break to Malaysia in the summer leaving me so relax that I forget to get back to my mundane routine in Holland. When I suddenly wake up from my dreamy trip I realize it is September now! Oh yeah, the cool crisp weather helps a lot in reminding me that is not summer anymore. Time to join my friends here for apples and  walnuts picking and cooking. Or walk in the forest persuading myself to pick up a new talent how to pick edible mushrooms instead of admiring death cap mushrooms (caution : not edible).

Malaysia's sun was so beautiful and warm no wonder it felt perpectually warm there. Here I saw how the sun is actually a "sun light" at this particular moment, poetic eh? This sun in Malaysia can do wonders to Malaysians, turning them into a one of a kind unique people (I meant this as a compliment).

We are self sufficient and many times think out of the box. Rather than walking around with our heads looking like box. Box head ( new found term).

This Trishaw Cyclist in Melaka is thinking out of the box how to attract customers with his beautifully decorated trishaw.

One uses Barbie as a theme for his trishaw deco. You may never know, there maybe many Barbie fans out there.

My husband was a bit worried hiring one of these as he is 6 foot  4, he might have to ask the cyclist to sit and he cycles. Poor guys have to cycle so hard carrying big and tall tourists.

I am actually very amazed how many motorcyclist are there in Malaysia , I suppose it is a better way to travel, easy breezy way to beat the jam and heat.

Watched them ride, cruise and swing by.

As unique as Malaysian are we found ways to beat the contradicting heat mix cool breeze while riding a bike. Hence,  a fashion style was born only found in Malaysia.

Never know huh? A jacket can be worn this way. Yes, the malaysian way, thinking out of a box.

"What are you looking at?! At least I have my helmet on!"
 Well,I am not questioning your fashion sense, I  was just worried about your grocery sir.

This unique fruit can be found in Malaysia. Stink? No way! Durian is the king of all fruits claims a  Malaysian.

Besides fresh fruits, there are plenty fresh seafood to choose from. Some typical seafood restaurants would look like this, I just need to go pick and point which to be cooked. Fresh seafood waiting to be served.

Yes waiting.....

And waiting.....I know.....

I will dig in and forget my camera everything I see this.
 I found this photo on the site,  http://kyspeaks.com/2012/05/14/ky-eats-pan-mee-and-kolo-mee-at-hock-thai-ss-2-behind-bomba

Another street food that I absolute must have and is found in Malaysia only is this pan mee.

Pan Mee  is a Hokkein-style noodle, originating from Malaysia. Its Chinese name literally translates to "plank mee" maybe it  looks like a flat flour noodle like a plank ( my guess). 
The dough is made from flour just like  pasta. Traditionally, the dough is hand-kneaded and torn into smaller pieces of dough. Nowadays, the dough can be kneaded using machine into a variety of shapes, the most common shape being flat strips of noodle.

Pan Mee is typically served in soup, together with dried anchovies, minced pork, mushrooms, and a leafy vegetable such as sweet potato leaves or sayur manis (sauropus androgynus). It can also be served dry with a thick black soya sauce (also known as dried pan mee/kon lo). 

So I was determined to introduce this dish to my kids ( and their friends) in Holland. They call it pasta soup. I don't really have all the ingredients for it, I guess I just have to improvise with what I could find here. But I knew I need to do more to entice kids to try this.

So I have decided to make it more fun asking the kids to cut out fun shapes for the pan mee.

They think it is fun and they ate it! Despite not being very adventurous with food (picky kids) . Hey, I was born in Malaysia, thinking out of the box.....