Thursday, November 3, 2011

Passion, a gift.

In the summer on my birthday this year, my 9 year old son bought me some colour pencils which actually work as watercolour. I carried it everywhere I went, while we were on a vacation in Tuscany summer this year. It was so easy to use, I just needed to dip them into some very little water to moisten the tip and voila, watercolour. It was a very thoughtful gift. 

I made some paintings with just a few pencils and some water from the pool.
And of course, Tuscany as my inspiration.

I still remember the time when I explained to my kids to pursue a career in their future base on passion and not anything else. Not money, not fame and not power. Passion... They looked at each other with question marks on their faces.

I explained passion is something that you love doing. And not get tired or bored of doing it. And you would not expect a reward from it because by just doing it , you are satisfied, happy and peaceful.

And then my son said to my daughter, " Oh! I get it! She means hobby!".... (!?)... I wanted to explain more but left it as that.

This fall my son turns 10 and wanted to collect money as presents as he was saving for a DJ console equipment for junior and an iPod. Suddenly, he is interested in mixing his own music. I am not a fan of such music. I decided to leave the decision to him. I am actually happy he knows what he wanted.


  1. I love your art! I wish I had that kind of talent! Especially the angel at the end!

  2. Thank you Serena. Feel a bit guilty, have not been blogging for a long time. What's cooking on your side? I have to visit your blog to find out.

  3. love this post, make me want to open my dusted water color pencil to start painting again, but i am not as gifted as you in painting... yes pursue your passion, live to it ^^

  4. Like Serena, I love the angel. How lovely to be able to paint and put the colours together.