Friday, March 9, 2012

Chocolate Lava Cake

It was a cold brutal winter this year. The Netherlands had went minus 16 degrees Celciius. I was so thrilled to be able to ice skate on a frozen lake. The Alps is covered with even more snow and happy skiers say they could ski until May this year.

I was at the Austrian Alps  a week ago. Look at this mountains covered with great flurries of mass  translucent hexagonal snow crystals. Snow flakes fluttered and stayed. I could not help but feeling a sense of purity witnessing this white snow.

This sense I could relate to the Chocolate Lava Cake I baked some weeks ago.

Chocolate Lava Cake so pure, chocolaty and good. And the warm white chocolate melts inside depicts snow's ultimate intention, warm, melt and transforming to liquid.

A more sophisticated name for a Lava Chocolate Cake is  Moelleux? Yes this time my ramekins were some shells. Thought the white chocolate would depict the gem in a shell.

It was warm later in the week, despite on top of the alps and at a higher altitude. This guys enjoy a different activity when temperature went up to 10 degrees Celcius even at 1800m on the Alps. Sun felt so near to us. Okay I am ready for spring. Especially after I have a bruised black eye from a fall while skiing. No, I was not checking these guys out at the time. Now I need sunglasses. And summer.


  1. LOL. you are so NOT checking the guys out :P

  2. What a great idea using shells! Looks heavenly with melting white chocolate! J'adore! Have a lovely weekend! *^

  3. i totally believe you ,which one got more muscle ??

    1. LOL... So which one got more muscle??? We're waiting!!

  4. what beautiful pictures and Im looking the snow girls:)
    and the cakes!!

  5. wow the alps look so breathtaking! bet you enjoyed the other view while skiing huh? :P
    the cake look so cute on shells! I also just made baked choc pudding oozing with dark choc :)

  6. The Alps looks so inviting. How nice to enjoy the sun at high altitude.

  7. Thanks Shannen, would lve to try you oozing choco pudding someday