Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Rose Buns

I have been kneading again. This time I made some rose buns! The idea is not entirely mine, I borrowed it from a blog called

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous, that is all I could say about these buns. But the recipe calls for okinawan sweet potatoes which I could not find anywhere in Holland. I asked the shopkeeper at the Asian supermarket and all he did was laughed. So I was really not sure was he laughing because he doesn't have them in store or he doesn't know what it is?  I told him it is some purple colour sweet potatoes and he pointed at the the purple coloured "skin" potatoes. Indeed he was right they were purple but I told him I checked them, they are white inside I need purple. He doesn't have them in the store, so we both laughed (?!). So I have to improvise again doing just without and add coloring to get the pink tone. (I don't think I could try making my sister's haupia pie but I could always go to her and have some, in France if I were to drop by one day )

I made this plateau with some rossettes on it too. Yes it had some kneading involved. It is available at


  1. Wow! Very impressive buns! They looks lovely like roses even though without Okinawan Sweet potatoes! You can count on me to bake you the Okinawan sweet potatoes Haupia pie! It's really worth a try! Have a lovely day, sis! Nice to have you back in the blogger shpere! LOL :)

  2. Beautiful! The rosettes plateau's also adorable.

  3. these are so beautiful!! too pretty to be eaten!yeah, i remember wendy making these with purple ones..haha! reading your story with the seller, i also i think he has not seen a 'real' sweet potato before! haha!

  4. Thanks Lena. Yeah, I assume he knows because he is Asian but he is a man...haha!

  5. Hi Yueky, your rose bun look gorgeous and very pretty.
    Have a nice day.

    1. Thank you Amelia. You have a nice day too.