Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fry Courgette/Zucchini

DH Ahaus gave me a baby zucchini plant. Little did I know it can bloom and flourish into a healthy plant with courgette flowers. It is easy to find zucchini or courgette but not the flower here at the market or supermarket. I could only see them served in chic restaurants.

I wanted to try fry these flowers. Or filled them with cheese or mushrooms, said DH Romania.

Today I learnt that courgette is a French name. Meanwhile Zucchini is Italian. Marrow is English. And they basically are the same thing from the cucumber family.

Today I learnt that there are male and female courgette flowers from DH France. And you only pick the males to cook.

These are males hanging out together.  

The females have a courgette fruit under their flowers as a base. 

How typical, the female always bears and carries the fruit, quipped DH Amsterdam.

Yes  I fried the males! Fried males are good! LOL!


  1. wow fantastic! I have never seen the flowers! i love the way u introduce the male n female :)

  2. Hi Yueky, beautiful zucchini flowers. Thanks for sharing the info of male and female flowers.

    Your drawing is excellent!!

    So how is the taste of the fried male?? LOL

    Have a nice week ahead, regards.

  3. LOL.. I'm sure the male tasted better once fried! hahahahah