Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sticky Dates Pudding

                                                Weekend in Edinburgh was fantastic.

Besides whisky tour, I enjoyed Edinburgh local brewed ale and food like pot pies, black pudding and haggis.

Baked this Sticky Dates Pudding sometime ago. Recipe is from here
I saw almost all menus in the restaurants, pubs and eateries I went to, have this sticky date pudding in the lists.

Is this originally from Scotland?


I am so glad I could bake this at home. Will try the pot pies one day. Bringing Edinburgh memories home with me.

                   Went to a gig in the Caves too and  watched Passenger perform acoustic. This I can't do at home. Great singer.


  1. Hi Yueky, your sticky pudding look tempting and delicious. YUMMY! Nice click.

    Thanks for sharing your Edinburgh pictures, very nice scenery.
    Have a nice week ahead,regards.

  2. Nice place! Your dates pudding looks delicious! Have seen lots of recipes but have not attempted it before. Love your drawings, the second pic of the stand mixer is very cute!
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Lovely post with beautiful view of Edinburgh! Would love to visit it some day especially the Edinburgh Vaults! :D

  4. Funny this post was not on my bloglist reader like a number of blogs that I followed! Weird!!!