Monday, August 22, 2011

Flower Macarons by DH in Holland

I am surrounded by macarons gurus. Conversation evolves around macaron could be long with them. If I stay long enough in the conversation I would want to make some too. Which I did. Unfortunately, only few (two) occasions made it to the grab the camera moment.

Despite the fact that I accomplished more failures than success I became very ambitious. MalayMui(DH Sweetlake) gave me some sakura flowers and said, I can't wait to see how you interpret this flowers. Not only I try Sakura flowers on the macarons, I tried dried rose buds and lavender too. My daughter says the lavender macarons taste and smell like soap.

They look rustic (in other words "burn"), don't they? Despite flaws here and there, I am truly satisfied with the taste. It taste good!
Susan(DH Germany) covered all the tips, dos and don'ts with a very good recipe here

Meanwhile, Lucinda(DH France) made the most exquisite and romantic macarons here

Now you really don't need any other reason not to, do you?

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