Sunday, September 11, 2011

DIY deco

I have been meaning to post this for a long time. Every summer there is a neighbourhood party. This year me and 3 other neighbour volunteered to organized a BBQ party. I especially enjoy in decorating the party. This summer Holland has decided to skip summer.It has been raining the entire summer season. Luckily one of our neighbour has a huge tent and canopy for the party.
I have discovered some cool and easy ideas for the party.

For one, was this cool place card idea. Just cut a piece of paper for your labels and stick it into a potato. Everyone seem to be excited about this place card holder and good news is we can actually decide to barbeque it if we want to.

I saw these poms poms many times in the shop. But their prices stopped me from purchasing them. They run to about 4-5 Euro each. Imagine having to decorate the entire room with them.

Luckily I discovered how to make these myself. It was surprisingly easy and materials are surprisingly available at home. I could use tissue or crepe papers. But this time I used plastic garbage bags.

My 70 something year old neighbour came to help with this DIY project and went a bit mischievous and combine different colored bags in one pom poms. The result was cute.

It was so easy. I am thinking of trying using fabrics to make this one day.

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