Monday, September 5, 2011

Sakura Showcase Party

Susan (DH Germany) hosted a Sakura Showcase Party and if I may add, we ended up with Spicy Showcase Party as well. Anyone MAY prepare something using the element of sakura flowers. 

DH SweeLake created FujiSan Jelly ( Mount Fuji ) with Sakura clouds dancing in the sky.

This Edamame beans is so delicious with avacado and sakura fish flakes. I wished the pinkish sakura flakes retain its colours because I was awed with its pastel pink sweet tint. But DH SweetLake who was preparing this assured me it is not going to happen the flakes will blend in with the rest.

I tried my hands in cookies for the first time. And decorated the cookies with some sakura flowers using icing and preserved sakura flowers given to me by DH SweetLake.

I wanted to give DH Germany a gift, so here you go Brown-eared Bubul bird pot painted by me! A bird which is commonly found sitting on sakura trees in Japan feeding on the sweet sakura pollen in spring time. I had to hold this pot in my 2 hours journey crossing over border to Germany. Probably left some cookie crumbs in my my husband's car. It was pretty handy when my kids were hungry and need to snack in the car. They were making sure the cookies are still good they said.

  Meanwhile the host prepared some sakura scented macarons with  sakura ganache and violette cassis macarons.

                    Aren't they beautiful?

DH Germany introduced us with this lovely bubbles serve with young berries. They were not only pretty but it taste so good.

             A toast to the friendship.

             After that we sampled some sweet delights.

Emeraude Entrement by DH Germany

Angku by DH Friesland

By DH Friesland

Spicy Showcase was followed.

Agak-agak Chicken Rendang by DH Hamburg

Beef rendang by DH Holland

                  By DH Germany's hubby

                                                                DH Easthouses

Chicken Rendang recipe courtesy of DH Dubai/DH Sweden aka DH 2 Homes

Sambal Prawn with Petai by DH Germany

Sambal Tempeh

                    Curry Duck with Lychee.

                                                        Squid Pineapple Curry.


                                                       German Sausages

DH Hamburg brought this to remind us we are in Germany. With such good food we of course, remembered.

Served with these drinks and we were ready for more fun.


  1. WOW!! all look amazing and delicious!! gloria

  2. What lovely pictures! I love the last ones with the girls doing the cartwheels, such a nice finishing touch!

  3. Thank you Serena and Gloria. Did you have a good weekend?

  4. Serena, I wish I could do those cartwheels after those food hahahaha!

  5. beautiful pics and food and wonderful time with all the DH :) The cartwheels pic is simply amazing ! Prost to the friendship !

  6. Your blog is really a work of art, it inspires me a lot.


  7. Oh thank you. Thank you for reminding me, I have been neglecting blogging and time to get back.