Monday, October 10, 2011

Award Winning

Couple of months ago I began writing a blog thinking I would just use it as dumping ground for my thoughts or ideas. Nevermind if no one finds it useful, entertaining or annoying as I am taking up some little space in the blogsphere writing about not knowing what to write. Little did I know, this blogsphere ( I didn't know this word exist) consists of REAL human beings behind these beautiful blogs who actually care, respond and acknowledge each others posts or ideas. And there are a lot of positive vibes in this particular sphere and I have yet (thank goodness for that) came across any negative bloggers who would post snide remarks on anyone's blog.
Another good news is I made some friends.

One particular blogger friend Serena from awarded me this award recently. I am so honored! Thank you so much Serena. Do check out Serena's blog. Serena who knew her life is to cook has tons of yummy recipes in her blog.She says her dogs always sit by her side whenever she blogs, they know her blog is Great too! 

Before being nominated "Your Blog is Great" award I was awarded
with the "Versatile Blogger" award by Shannen of
Shannen is super versatile herself having prepared so many great recipes in her blog. Please go to her blog to find out. Thank you Shannen!

The rule of nominations are :

*I have to tell 7 things about myself 
*pass on the award to 7 other great bloggers.
*Nominees have to thank and link back to the person who gave you the award

Here you go, 7 things about myself (bear with me, it is not that painful) :

1) I do not know what to write but I am writing a blog
2) I don't know how to cook and bake but I have to cook ( 2 hungry   kids can be very ugly)
3) I know nothing about plants but I do love gardening
4) I do not have any time and talent but I do paint
6) I like being beautiful and skinny but I enjoy eating more
7) I do like fashion but prefer sticking to passion

And the nominees for the award are :

1)     because she is the one suggested me writng a blog. You have the juice for it, she says. I like to really thank her. If not because of her there is no Desperate Housewife in Holland and no awards. She has been a blogger for many many years and has so much experience to share.

2) she probably would kill me if I don't nominate her. I am related to her. Or maybe she won't kill me, I am her only sister. Do check out her blog. Having lived in France for many years she has tons of French cuisine recipes in her blog.

3)    she cooks easy and yet delicious home cook meal with mostly Indian flavour which I love. Do check out the blog.

4)       a storyteller bringing me to another place everytime I read  her exploring new places. Although I do not know her personally but writing to each other I could sense she is a warm, sincere and exciting person. 

5)  she probably has many awards already as she is a very successful blogger. Nevertheless, I am going to give this award to her. She is the only star blogger I know ( not really knowing her personally ). Despite being so successful, she sometimes drops by and says some encouraging words to me. I am star struck everytime she drops by.

6)  I do know her personally. Her mum bakes professionally and so the apple didn't fell far from the tree. I trust and love her baking.

7) an interesting blog where I learn about places and look at photographs of other countries without having to stamp my passport. Her writing is usually spiritual and calm. You have to read it to believe it.

People say sharing is caring.
Nothing is better than winning.
But giving is definitely the beginning of a beautiful thing.


  1. Congrats on the well deserved awards! Thanks for sharing a little more of yourself with us. Nice getting to know you better.

  2. Thank you so much for dropping by again!

  3. Felicitation sista! You deserved the awards. Keep all your ideas, drawings & recipes coming for us to enjoy. Bravo