Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fresh Figs Quesadillas

I love going to the market here in Holland. It is always so much more fun going with my friend Aise who was born and bred here in Holland. But I called her DH Turkey because she loves everything Turkish and always quote Turkey. "Do you know tulips were actually from Turkey? But everyone relate it to Holland?", she said to me one day. I saw some fresh figs in the market. They are quiet pricey. I think I paid €4 to €5 for these."They are very laxatives (you know?If you have bowel movement problems) and full of vitamines", Aise told me this while I was checking them out. You see? Going with a friend saves me a lot of time googling for info. Aise gave me some recipes on the spot too.
And yes! These figs are from Turkey!

            I actually prefer to eat them fresh.

But I can't possible write a post about how I eat them fresh so I think I should prepare some brilliant recipe with it.
DH Turkey's recipe sounds good with pinenuts and roast them with cheese, etc. But I can't possibly remember everything at the market as we moved on to more info with other vegetables and fruits.
When I reached home I prepared some simple quesadillas with them. My family love quesadillas. It is so simple that a recipe is not necessary actually. All you need is some tortillas and you are ready to go.

It was quick and easy. But I still think eating them whole and fresh is the best. I won't even bother to cut them.