Friday, March 30, 2012

Easter Eggs art, craft & fun.

DH Sweet Lake suggested Bento lunchbox challenge. I know really nothing about it but I couldn't possibly say no to a creative challenge. Now all I need to do is  look what I have in the pantry right?

                   So today Bunny A decided to give Bunny B his heart.

So I thought this is fun to do as well. An egg craft borrowing the idea from a Mexican tradition Cascarones where confetti filled eggs are used to crack on somebody's head for fun on Easter. Or maybe I could just filled them with a special message , fun to give someone, or I will just go around cracking it on someone's head here.

But my all time favorite Easter egg craft is still this silk tie dye eggs I did last year. Great fun.  See this post click here

Happy Easter


  1. Wow! What a lovely creation of Bento lunchbox! Looks amazing & I love the egg craft & Daffodil! I really like the idea of silk tie dye eggs too! Awesome post! :)

  2. i seriously thought the daffodil was real !!!!!!Amazing !

  3. Awesome creation! You are incredibly talented :)

  4. u're just a fantastically creative lady, yueky.. i love them all!! :-P

  5. Thank you for all the egg-citing comment and compliments!

  6. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog and leave a lovely comments.

    You are very creative and talented, got lots to learn from you and Kit too.
    Your bento and Easter egg is egg-cellent and very beautiful. 2 thumbs up for you.
    I like your daffodil, for a moment I thought it was real flower. I'm going out to get crepe paper after this, my hand itchy already. LOL

    You are a good artist too, like your drawing very neat and cute. Will come back later to see your old posting.

    Have a beautiful Sunday, am very glad to meet you. *hugs*

  7. Great to hear from you Amelia. Hugs hugs

  8. You, madam, are a genius. m SO impressed. I follow your equally talented, I must say, sis's blog and there I saw your tie dye eggs and they are awesome.
    HAppy EAster

  9. Thank you Anuja. I hop over to your blog and now I am hungry for some sticky chicken.

    1. Did you check out her Marshmallow molten cake? Awesome!!!

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  11. hi, coming over from Kit's blog. NIce to know you, how do i address you? desperate housewife?? YOu are very talented making all these, your diagrams are great too! i can understand your drawing! LOL! I know it;s not easy for me to do all these, i can imagine it's quite difficult to roll that lil paper message thru the hole of the egg. You're really good and the designs that you painted on the eggs look beautiful! so are your silk tie easter eggs!! Happy day!!

  12. Hi Lena, I am Yueky. So great to meet you here. thanks to my sis for putting a good word for me. Thank you for your sweet and encouraging words. I admire your cooking and baking skills too.

  13. HI sis, I've a surprise for you at my blog! Do you wanna know what is it? Then you have drop by my blog & find out yourself!! :)p hehehehehehe

  14. Hi desperado
    visit my space have a surprise waiting for you
    Happy Easter!