Friday, March 8, 2013

Matcha Roll

Before I was off skiing in Austria, I learnt how to bake matcha swiss roll from cooking with dog

I like this recipe a lot!

So I tried replacing matcha with cocoa powder.

Replacing cocoa powder to orange juice.

Guess the video is helpful if my drawing is not.

Instead of cooking with the dog, I was busy rolling clay with my cat into something else too.

 THis piece is sold, yayyy!

Been busy  rock and rolling swiss rolls , ceramic clay, rolled down the slopes and among other things I know I should start updating my website
I will start and keep the ball rolling soon.

But for now I will just follow my cat's work ethic ......


  1. Hi Yueky, thanks for the beautiful winter pictures. Both the swiss roll flavor look very nice and cottony soft.

    You're very creative, love your drawing and your ceramic clay. They so well made and very elegant.
    You're a very good artist. Admire your skill. ;)

    Have a nice week ahead,regards.

  2. Thank you Amelia. Love your humour and art & craft as well.

  3. You are indeed a born artist! I just love those lovely patterns on the roll...and your cat is awesomely cute :)

  4. Thank you for dropping by Sri hope to see your next yummilicious post!