Thursday, September 15, 2011


I baked some mini mooncakes for the first time and boy it was not easy easy feat. I really need to invest on some good tools. The taste is nothing to be proud of. But maybe next year it would be better.

I was way too ambitious and added orange flower essence for the snowskin and orange juice in the red bean paste. Maybe I should stick to the traditional recipe. 

Couldn't get any pumpkin seed over here but had to improvise a bit with almond. I suppose it is okay? And yes I killed a koi fish.

I suppose I shouldn't post a recipe here as it is not so good. Don't want any koi fishes harmed!


  1. That's adventurous! I just know how to eat but to tell you the truth, mooncake is not my favourite.This season I've only had a tiny bit to try!!

  2. It wasn't my favourite too. I suppose when I can't get something, it makes me want to have it more.

  3. did you make this fish shape by hand yueky? its lovely ... too sayang to eat! if its me, I will put aside solely for decor :-D