Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Char Siew Pau

Didn't know this is even possible! DH Friesland Lannie gave us this link from http://mykitch3n.blogspot.nl/2009/04/char-siew-bao.html and I must say it is good!

Always thought I have to run to a dim sum restaurant for these. I still need to practise pleating the top of the dough. Or maybe I would try substituting meat with chicken or even try curry fillings.


Yummy! My sis told me coincidently there is a Pau Challenge called "Aspiring Bakers #31 Bao Ho-Chiak Challenge" organized by Miss B of http://everybodyeatswell.blogspot.be/2013/05/aspiring-bakers-31-bao-ho-chiak.html  

Small Small Baker/Aspiring Bakers

 So I am joining in the fun with my amateur pau ! 


  1. Hi Yueky, very delicious char siew pau. Your pau dough look very soft and fluffy. Love your drawing. :)

    Have a nice day.

  2. Very nice illustrations! Paus look delicious although I would prefer more fillings:D

  3. Thank you for your participation! I also used the same recipe from Lydia Teh of mykitch3n for my char siew bao, the recipe is fantastic, isn't it?

    I like your step-by-step illustration, makes it easier to follow visually. :)

    1. Thank you Miss B. Yes I like her recipe the most the simplest I saw so far.

  4. Hi! I just made some char siew pau using another recipe! Yours looks good! I must give this recipe a try too!

  5. YUMMY paus & they look perfectly pleated to me! Talking about pau challenge , I really have to get mine posted today!

  6. I think chicken would taste yummier compared with pork! I’ve always dreamed of cooking or making that but just thinking on how to make the dough, makes me wanna give up! Yeah, it’s true I’m quite of a lousy cook. Thanks anyway for sharing your masterpiece! Hope you’re having a cool day!