Thursday, May 2, 2013

Panna Cotta

Asked my sis for a simple panna cotta recipe. One that I do not even have to look at a recipe. And I got this. Very simple indeed.

I wanted to try this process on tau foo faa/ soya bean curd as I can't find gypsum powder over here. DH Friesland said go ahead and try agar agar too. So I did.

I bought a packet of soya milk and another with chocolate flavour and experimenting heating them with a sheet of gelatine. The green is soya milk with agar agar powder. I think it is okay. Instant tau foo faa hahahaha...


  1. OOooooo so many heart-shapes in your dessert!

  2. Hi Yueky, your panna cotta look so refreshing and beautiful. Love the topping decoration.

    The instant tau fu fah using agar agar it's very famous in Malaysia. Me too enjoy this and make quite often.

    Have a wonderful weekend.