Tuesday, July 5, 2011

cherry cupcake

I visited a cherry farm lately. It is cherry season over here in Europe.

There were nets to cover all these cherry trees to prevent birds feeding on the fruit.

These geese get to hang out under the trees. Aren't they from the bird family?


I have not planted a cherry tree before and were pretty amazed when I saw these.

Brought some cherries home to try out a recipe from my sister, the cherry cupcake. 


  1. I baked a cherry cake yesterday and you baked a cherry cupcake....shake hands! Your cupcake looks so nice..so hardworking you. I no energy make the frosting...just eat without it...XOXXO

  2. Never had cherry cake, any photos in your blog? I would like to see? I must say I do like fruit element in cakes taste good. XXOXx