Thursday, July 7, 2011


Cupcakes are getting very popular these days. It has even replaced a typical tiered wedding cakes these days. Some believe it is this economic bubble similiar to what coffee industry was going through.

It was to me a childhood treat. And this childhood treat has turned into something trendy.

I suppose it is because of the fact of its size which is more controlled portion and versatile. Because of its versatility it is good  as a "to go" snack. It can be easily changed because the decoration is very versatile and you could let your imagination run wild. One can use a variety of toppings, cream, colour, icing, sprinkles and many more themes to  give the cupcakes an interesting look and taste.

 Some believe its popularity is due to a movie Sex in the City where the character Carrie was seen eating cupcakes from her favourite bakery called Magnolia which is now an upscale bakery in New York City.

I actually prefer another New York City bakery called The Sweet Revenge. They bake cupcakes in such brown parchment papers which I think looks pure and natural. Above is a photo of me trying to copy that idea with banana cupcakes.


These are cupcakes baked by my sister DH France. Pistachio and Carrot cupcakes. It was a hit among her friends that they order for parties from her.

I wanted to practise piping some daisies, so I baked a batch of vanilla cupcakes.

Vanilla cupcakes recipe by DH France.

My sweet life.


  1. I prefer the rustic packaging too, mainly because not so sayang to eat vs the nicely decorated one.