Tuesday, May 24, 2011

If you do not want to buy the pie crust

Seriously, I saw Jamie Oliver explaining why make when you can buy
whenever he unrolls the piece of dough from a blue freezer bag on TV. I buy too, except I don't have to explain to anybody. I knew it could be frustrating making one.( Or explaining )

This is dedicated to my friend Susan (DH Germany) who is a perfectionist(I think her name should be Bree instead of Susan) . And of course, for a perfectionist you have to make a pie crust from scratch. No explanation needed.

        There are many ways to create a look for the crust.

I have made this once and abandoned this recipe after I found them in the supermarket freezer. But I should make it from scratch, one day, just to justify to myself.
It is not that complicated, is it?

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