Friday, May 6, 2011

My own Martha and Bree, my Mum on Mothers Day

Before I knew about about Martha or Bree I have my mum. She was a good cook, she could sew, she plants and she even cut, trim and perm our hair herself when we were kids.
We used to live in an estate and we had a huge garden. She had a vegetable patch growing all kinds of vegetables from brinjal to okra. We had all kinds of fruit trees too from key lime trees to mangoes. She was into collecting orchids too. She had planted many kinds of flowers too besides orchids.

Me and my siblings had only eaten organic vegetables and wearing clothes homemade by mum. She always coordinated what me and my sis wore. Although our outfits were from the same fabric but they were different style and fashionably coordinated from the same labour of love.

Me and my sister in blue.

I suppose I inherit this from her. I didn't realized this until now, while writing this. Except I bought mine. I am still learning how to sew better.

My son and my daughter.

My mum was a crafter too. I said "too" because I like art and craft myself! She was always busy with art and craft. She taught me, my brother and my sister this particular craft, Mama Goose. 
Recently I visited my sister in France. I was so surprised to see my sister has never stopped making Mama Goose. We are thinking of dedicating this to our mum for Mothers Day.

This would be a great gift to our mum or any mums.
The hollow part of Mama Goose could be filled with flowers, candies, bonbons, chocolates, candles etc as a gift. Totally handmade!

Happy Mothers Day Mum!


  1. Happy Mama's day to u and all de mamas in de world, too.. These r really lovely n creative.. :-)

  2. I have to say a big thanks to my sister for providing me all these beautiful Mama Geese photos that she has single-handedly made. Merci!!!

  3. Such a beautiful story behind the Mama Goose.Everyone has something in life connecting with their own Moms.But how to form the pattern of the Mama goose ?? Will try sometime :) Thanks for sharing.And yes, of course Happy Mother's day !

  4. You could alternate each row with different colour.