Tuesday, June 21, 2011

DH talking art

DH1 : What is this?

DH in Holland : I dont know I was just drawing and here it is.

DH2 : This Lady can't talk?

DH in Holland : Oh yeah! A Desperate Housewife with no mouth, she can keep a secret!

DH1 : Modern "Little Nyonya"?

DH2 : Definitely a Desperate Housewife!

DH1 : Looks more like Little Nyonya!

DH2 : I like the DH mole! Sexy!

DH1 : Impossible a desperate housewife can keep a secret!

DH2 : But her hairstyle and make up is soo Amy Winehouse? AH! I know why she has no mouth! So that she can't drink hahahaha!

DH in Holland : Good one! Hahaha! The healthier version of Amy! How is she going to sing with no mouth?

DH3 : Impressive! you make me wanna luv art!

Dh in Holland : More like a Flamenco dancer.

And the conversaton went on to food, cooking, cleaning, sick, good looking stars, men, travelling and so on...

Sometimes I do feel an artist paint a canvas with paint, the viewers paint it with words.


  1. aiyo ... this drawing very `chim` .. but nice! It does remind me of little nyonya but the more glam version ... is this on your calendar?