Monday, June 20, 2011

Fuut a water bird ( And I am Happy)

After seeing these Podicep Cristatus or affectionately called the Fuut in Dutch for the first time I decided to paint them. And someone who found them beautiful decided to buy this painting from me not long ago.

This Great Crested Grebe is an excellent swimmer and diver. They moved fast(Sounds like a TV commercial here). Any of my attempts of photographing them proved to be difficult.

I especially admire their elaborating mating display. They breeds in vegetated areas of freshwater lakes. Living on a lake I would be able to see them often performing the "penguin dance" to impress each other in the mating / courting process. I think they are monogamus too as they usually swim in pairs. How romantic.

I was so happy someone find them beautiful. They look so regal and elegant. I like them so much I even wrote and illustrate a book about them.

Today I got an email from someone who is interested in buying my other paintings. Not a Fuut painting but I am happy nevertheless, happy enough that my toes curls. I can't keep this to myself so I suppose I have to blog about it. I hope no one's jaws are dislocated by now because they have to yawn so much from this boring "short" story.


  1. Haha ... the part where they perform the penguin dance is funny! I wish I got a chance to see that. That would made my day :-D Congrats on the painting interest! Althought only once a year, its quality that counts la :-) Some can´t even sell any painting in their lifetime e.g Van Gogh ... :-P

  2. COngratulations, Yueky.. :-)

  3. Thank you y'all! I hope I would be a bit luckier than van Gogh.

  4. oh wow, congratulations, miss almere! so happy for you and proud of you even though we don't know each other well. keep it up! love, melG.