Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cherry Cake by Jasmine ( DH Germany)

My friend Jasmine (DH Germany) is here to share a recipe with me. It is cherry season over here so what else are we all busy with but creating something with cherry. Jasmine wrote:

Hallo to all DH :) A simple and yet delicious cake for my Friend who is feeling under the weather lately. Just a gesture to cheer her up. 

Simple Cherry Cake

For the cake:

5 eggs
2 eggyolks
150g Sugar
150g Flour
30 g Speisestärke (starch)
90 g Butter

1)Stir eggs,eggyolks,Sugar in bain marie.(in warm water ,not cooking water) After that 5-8 minutes in normal temperature until the mixture creamy.Add flour and starch slowly.Melt butter add in.Oil and flour the cakeform(obstbiscuitboden form) and pour the batter in it. Bake for 30-35 mins at 190 deg..Celcius.

The cream:
500g Cherries/Strawberries
250 g Mascapone Cream
100 g Quark (dunno in english)
100 g Pure yogurt
1 packet of Vanille sugar
1 packet Dr.Oetker Vanille Pudding (make pudding and chill pudding hours before) 

Wash and cut cherries/strawberries in desire pattern.Mix Mascapone,Quark and yogurt with Vanille sugar.Add Vanille pudding first and top up with the Mascapone,quark and yogurt creme. At last decorate your cherries as your wish.Guten Appetite !

Jasmine uses this pan for the cake.

If you are a dummy like me you probably prefer to look than read. Here is a recipe for dummies like me.

Guten Appetite!


  1. It really looks delicious & I'll definately will try it. Thanks Jasmine for sharing & for drawing soo nicely the recipe. Have a cherry day, ladies ;)I'm in a veli cherry mood after looking at this lovely photo of cherry cake. Merci , Jasmine

  2. This cakes sure taste good with so much cherries. Looks pretty too.

  3. Yueky -thank you-You are the best ! Lucinda have a cherry day too !!!

    P.S. Only sugar and egg yolks in bainmarie.Butter,starch and flour not in bain marie.Thank you :P

  4. Ooops I have to edit the drawing. Ok Thanks willl correct it.

  5. Thanks Quay Po, are you making anything cherry soon?

  6. oh .. my message mia ah .. hehe ..Gabi! Well done! Your version is with fresh cherries huh .. sureee very lecker ja. I will try this one day, thanks for sharing!