Monday, July 4, 2011

Chocolate cake

I baked myself a chocolate cake to celebrate my own birthday.

I baked some cupcakes for the kids. But of course they still want to taste the chocolate cake.

This is a Cosmos Atrosanguineus or commonly knowned as the Chocamocha cosmos. It has a light vanillin scent like chocolate. But I don't think it is edible.

Good Living is an act of intelligence,
by which we choose things
which have an agreeable taste
rather than those which do not.

A chocolate in the mouth is worth two on the plate.


  1. Happy birthday, Yueky.. :-)
    Wish I could taste yr chocolate cake; it looked lovely n I guess yr most precious birthday present has been put to good use.. Love yr new beautiful pastel-yellow kitchen gadget.. :-)

  2. Happy Birthday Yueky! Looks like you enjoyed both lemony today huh and her creation toO! Your cake looks lovely and yummmyyy ... forget about diet today, eat all you can ah!

  3. Happy Birthday Yueky -hope you have a good big piece of chocolate cake for yourself --it's really mouth-watering ....enjoy your day !

  4. Happy Birthday Tuanku..your chocolate cake looked so beautiful..baked one for me when u come back to m'sia next year..

  5. Thank you Sherry but you are baker as well, you could bake yourself a cake

  6. Thank you Mary. You have a great blog with great recipes. Looking forward to try them soon.