Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pansie Wedding Cake

I am practising baking and decorating a cake for my friend's wedding. I thought of using some flowers for the cake.

Pansies are the edible flower and great decorations for salads. They have a cute perfect size come in variety of colours. They are easy to grow and taste great. I grow some in my garden.

I know garnishing a dish with fresh flowers might intimidate people. People tend to leave them alone like parsley. But on this cake I thought, it does add colour and visual appeal to it.

The Pansies are derived from Viola species which is a large group of hybrid plants cultivated as garden flowers. They are actually biennial which takes 2 years to complete its biological lifecycle.

This pot was handpainted by me. I sell those to those who find them beautiful.
Yes , not for sale for those who find it otherwise.

Pansies Wedding Cake


  1. AMAZING cake! I had to enlarge the photos to check out those fantastic ruffles. Is that truly icing??! Wow!

  2. Thank you Mary. It is fondant. I rolled it flat and ran the back of a brush front and back to make the ruffles.

  3. wow .. how did yu do the ruffles??? its sooo pretty! original idea there .. must copyright yeah :-D

  4. Spectacular.... I'm speechless. Getting better every time I visit ur blog. Keep up the great job.