Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Nian Gao

A friend of mine May (DH Literatuurwijk) told me it was a long time ago since she last ate the Nian Gao/ Nin Ko. Nian Gao is prepared  from glutinous rice ground into paste and sweetened with brown sugar. This paste is then poured into banana leaf molds and steamed. Once settled it becomes extremely sticky and stretchy. Usually people eat it panfried after coating it withs a batter of flour and eggs. Sometimes sandwich between taro or yam or sweet potatoes.
I was telling my mum this story who in turn searched everywhere in Malaysia for it. Then she asked my brother who coincidently is visiting me to give it to me. He then asked his wife to carry it in her luggage for me. I told this story to my friend CL ( DH Hoorn  ). Soon she sent me a link to me-  Quay Po Cooks.

I was awed at what I saw and bravely vowed to make it in Quay Po Cooks blog. She was kind enough to write to me and encouraged me to do so. I was looking for the ingredient but dissappointed to find the quality of yams and desiccated coconut here. So I decided to opt ingredients that I could not find. So after this long winded journey, here it is. 

It was just the pastry and nian gao itself. I tried some with apples and surprising it was okay.  After all I did make it happen, okay , maybe half way there.


  1. You have try your best and you should be proud :) Good job wor

  2. Ahhh.. so you made it with pastry.. :-)
    I'm not from Hoorn, DH Bree but from Oosthuizen.. :-!

  3. Thank you. But my friend May is still too busy with her sewing project she has no time to drop by and eat it with me. I still have some in the freezer if she wants....

  4. not bad worrrr Bree ... i thought this was really close to the original version, only takda fresh coconut ma ... on another note, i like my nian gao steamed, then coat with fresh coconut :-D Have you tried that style before?

  5. Yes, i have tried the steam version. I have only eaten them and not cook them. The desiccated coconut here is stored in the freezer and they are usually very dry. I like the steam version too if coated with juicy coconut, yummy!

  6. Nice kokuih. Must try the Miracle Kangen water also. Special invitation only.