Monday, May 16, 2011

Poef , Pouffe or Footstool

I have been thinking of getting a foot stool or "poef" in Dutch or  "pouffe" in French I believe. Nothing feels better than sitting in the evening next to a fireplace, with a book, a cup of tea and of course, my feet resting on to a "pouffe".

A poef with rose motives on it would be sweet and romantic.

On the other hand, a brown rugged looking with soft leather pouffe
would be nice too!

Or a different shaped leather stools. I just ripped these images out of a magazine VTWonen. Forgive me.

Why not a denim pouffe?

I love these! Made out of cork. Very close to nature and it has humour in it.

A bit too close to nature?

I love these too, they are gorgeous.

My friend Ayse (DH Turkey/ Dutch born Turkish) made this. A stool that looks like a cupcake! She is selling this under the name Nyce by Ayse ( Her website is under construction by DHinHolland, coming soon.....). She also makes gift hamper that looks like a cake filled with little boxes of giveaways, chocolates and goodies.

I have not decided on which pouffe to get. Meanwhile, my husband said to me recently "You know what we REALLY need? We need a good reading chair!"  (!!???)


  1. wow .. your kawan is very talented! But I must say, it surely does look dainty for resting the feet wor ... very sayang, no?

  2. Our feet deserves it Lianne, hahaha!