Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Post Mother's Day

Sometimes my kids make me laugh (other times they make me jump up the roof). We went to Eiffel Tower in Paris recently.

It was forever a long queue going up to the top of the tower. We waited more than 2 hours to get up there.

While waiting I asked my kids if they would come up with a tower, what kind of tower would it be?

My daughter wants a tower which is kids friendly with swings or playground and of course some seats up there.

My son wouldn't want to have any queues no more, just shoot everyone up the tower! Of course, there is a cafe to chill out. To get down? Easy just get down with a parachute!

On Mother's Day I get to enjoy breakfast in bed prepared by my kids despite all the commotion I heard  downstair in the kitchen. They know how excited I was when I found the first ever four leaves clover early April. They decided to get me a clover seeds to plant with a nice four leaf clover pot, some chili peppers seeds ( mum loves spicy food ), a homemade purse, a candle and some nice drawings. And of course they can't wait to plant it too.

With this plant the Oxalis Deppei, my kids think I am going to be so lucky. I feel so lucky to have my thoughtful kids!


  1. that was my comment cut short lol ... i think you were putting up an entry half way and then my comment hang hahaha. anyway, Enzo´s version is so typical boy huh .. can shoot up! Well done Bree .. your two kids very thoughtful. Must have done mummy real proud :-D

  2. Thank you Lianne, most times I am proud of them.

  3. Life is a nicer and more meaningful journey with children, isn't it? Like an emotional roller coaster ride, sometimes up, sometimes down, most of the time fast and sometimes slow. Glad we're doing this journey together at the same time! Love, MelG.

  4. Kids are handful and difficult sometimes.But it has brighten and open our heart in a lot of way.I am glad I(we) have them in our life ...your kids are really thoughtful - with the lucky leaves and "Chilli" !!!!