Friday, June 3, 2011

Peonies Potluck-Zongzi

I have been busy last weekend. I had a potluck party. I noticed that I organized potluck parties whenever my peonies bloom. So I will call it My Peony Potluck party from now on.

 I like the idea of inviting a group of friends who are passionate with cooking and eating. Everyone gets to show off their culinary skills and sample food made by everyone who participates. I for one was very excited and mentally copying notes and asking for recipes during  the potluck party. Lianne (DH Germany) has a very good memory (and a very good camera) recording almost everything and posted it in her blog. 
A friend of mine Lannie( DH Friesland) brought us zongzi.

Many traditonal Chinese food are intended to honour either Gods or someone divine in history. I suppose Lannie (DH Friesland) brought this for us to honour how divine we are. ( Or maybe not, she just loves cooking)

Zongzi is meant to honor Qu Yuan (340BC) the pioneer poet of ancient China.

Lannie brought some ingredients to show us how to wrap these Zongzi.

A very poetic Zongzi workshop.

This is a sweet version of Zongzi with sweetened red bean paste. Best served with kaya. Let's talk about kaya next time.

 The savoury version has a lot of meat and mung bean servings in the glutinuous rice.

To honor someone divine or not, one thing for sure, it taste definitely divine!