Friday, April 8, 2011

Mud for Dummies with Sharon

I baked a cake recently together with Sharon .It was for her father in law who is a truck driver. So we decided to add a marzipan truck on the cake. We were quite impatient and placed the truck too soon on the cake and the truck sunk soon in the chocolate icing. So I called it the truck in the mud cake. 

 Soon enough some friends saw the cake and were cooing they feel like baking a chocolate cake too. Few actually asked me if I could share "the mud" cake recipe. So you see? Not only the truck was stuck in the mud so is the name.
One particular friend actually asked me if I could illustrate it out for her because she needs to visualize how to bake the cake. So I decided to give her the cake for dummies recipe.

I am still waiting for the outcome from this piece of information ;)


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  1. akan datang....with background music :P