Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pick Pocket

  My friend , I called her Belle for southern belle because she lives in the south part of Holland (another DH Holland) was picked pocket recently. Someone unzipped her backpack and stole her wallet. She was feeling a bit bummed with the fact that not only she lost her wallet she lost her important documents like ID and drivers license.Imagine all the hassle of renewing them.


Although she lost her belongings, she gained a lot of attention. Mostly from people who really care. Not only she gained some attention, she gains some information too. Important information if you lose your documents. 

This reminds me of my own experience some 10 years ago in Kenya. I was picked pocket too without knowing it until the bus suddenly stopped. All the passengers got out of the bus and people in the streets were chasing after a guy. It turned out to be the person who stole my things out of my backpack. He was in his knees and begged for my forgiveness. I told the rest to let him go as it was only a few cents that he took. But one Kenyan man replied " It doesn't matter if it was few cents or few millions, we would be ashamed if this happen in Kenya" Since then I tossed away my backpack. And with this story I always quote "the most dangerous place you think could be the safest place". I thanked the people in Kenya for helping me.I wonder if people would stop to help in other country? 
While writing this my sister is in Kenya today, I hope she has a safe trip.

Sometimes I see people put their wallet in a tight small pocket at the back of their pants. I wonder do they need to toss that idea of keeping it there too. If I want to pick pocket I would choose to look at this easy prey.

I haven't seen a backpack for awhile but recently I came across an  interesting sample. 

But this would be attractive to the thieves in Holland too. Bicycles get stolen here everyday. So be careful out there....

*** I wanted to add a sequel to Belle's story. A few days later she found all her documents back in her mail box. Apparently the thief put all the cards in an envelope and put it in the public mail box. TNT post office staff opened the envelope and mailed back all her things back to Belle. The thief took the money and her wallet of course. Belle asks herself why? Why of course Belle, where else can she/he put the money, otherwise? Thief with decency....


  1. i still recall the last time i used a backpack. i was literarily backpacking around salzburg and munich and got so worked up after reading stories online that i wore them on my chest! haha ... but both cities were safe as can be but all the stares and attention were kinda nice :-P

  2. interesting post! looking at this incident from all angles, me like! i still like to carry a backpack lah, next time i'll hang it in front, like i normally do when i'm out of NL, now when i'm in NL, i also have to do that!

  3. Yueky, I am a victim of snatched thief but not pick pocket. Like your friend Iost my driving license, ID and on top of that I was fined RM50.00 by my government when I went to get a new ID even with a police report. Can you believe that? It is true that after the bad experience that one will be more alert and mindful. Now, I carry my handbag in front not at the side. I like the cartoons you drew to tell the story, they make your post more iteresting:D

  4. why the front pouch bag is out of fashion?