Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Big Thank You to all the Desperate Housewives around the world

I really have to express gratitude to my friends. Thank you Susan and Sakura for sharing with me  all the info, tips and know how on how to create a blog. Thank you Gaby and Lynette for cheering me with poms poms like a cheerleader. Without you ladies this blog would not be a reality.


  1. LOL, i supposed i am the one with the glasses,holding Martini glass :P So everyone has Tea -me got my Tequila,you've got tea,Susan has her laptop on, and Lynette got her rainbow(not CSP)...oh,I love Susan hair so fluffy and nicely style...and I look like san par poh :P
    A good scenerio in Wisteria lane in Holland :) hey,the next one you've got to draw us playing cards like in the series

  2. Sakura with rainbow cake, Lynette with kuih lapis

  3. Thank you for our almost 10 yrs friendship. We have gone thru a piece of journey together and yet the journey is still long ahead of us. Hope we can go follow our journey together till our last breath.

    Lannie aka Lynette

  4. i am a bit confused. The one with kuih lapis is Lynette right? So who is the one with question mark???

    Lianne aka Susan aka Ms. Blur

  5. The one with question mark is suppose to be me ;)