Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sue Fley-Spring

This is a story of my imaginary friend Sue Fley.

There is a sequel to this story. It turned out that the beautiful 
flowers belongs to  my friend Susan ( DH Germany) who is an expert gardener, almost horticulturalist. Susan saw what happened and was angry, of course. But to avoid any misery I won't show you the drawing of Susan angry.

If you really really really want to see......say the magic word?

Magic word....

Not all flowers are wild.


  1. schaize?!! bloody birds??!! (hahaha) or aiyaaayaaa ... addaaakadabra? or adakabunga??!!

  2. Susan looks very fierce wor !

  3. I like Susan´s boots!!! hahaha ... aiyooo .. you forgot my most powderful weapon la ...

  4. Yueky, Love this post, there characters are so cute! Love the lyrics of the song also. Who are the singers and what is the title?

  5. Thank you so much for leaving a comment here. I feel a bit star struck. Never thought other "advanced" fellow bloggers would comment. The singer of this song is Ingrid Michealson and the title is simply You and I.

  6. Susan, how do I add a roll of list ( like yours) of blogs I follow on my blog page? A question from New Kid on the Blog....