Friday, April 15, 2011

Roti Jala (Net bread or Crepe)

Do you believe it? My roti jala has a story too. One day my friend Anise (DH Almere) dropped by and gave me some yummy roti jala and chicken curry. I don't remember when was the last time I had those.
I wanted to have more after that, so I decided to make it myself. But I only have one problem, I have no roti jala mould (only available in Malaysia). So, I decided to make it with icing piping bag. I had so much fun. And it turned out to be a flower roti jala.

After listening to my story struggling to make roti jala from a piping bag, my other friend CL (DH North Holland) bought me one all the way from Malaysia!( She happened to visit Malaysia after my story)

Thanks CL. Now I do need to make more roti jala.

So, here it is roti jala from the original roti jala tool.

Just in case other DH ask me for the recipe of roti jala and MAYBE one request me to illustrate it for her, I decided to prepare a roti jala for dummies recipe as above.

And while writing this, what do you know? Anise emailed me and  invited me to go over to her place for roti jala next week!


  1. Thanks Bree for sharing the lecipe! Me leally gonna tlyyyy soon coz me got the mold ma :-P But aiya, shareee the cully chicken lecipe also la!

  2. my kali kai tak pass now searching for a good one then only can share la, you have any good kali kai lecipe?

  3. nice, nice, mdme.. :-)
    make de nonya cully chiken lah. got de lecipie fr mdm lianne.. i post it coming wk if u can wait.. :-)

  4. Wei Yueky, wrong spelling maa.. my name is Anis.