Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring Cleaning Getting Organized

It is that time of the year again. Spring means spring cleaning. The sun shines brighter and kids fingerprints on glass windows seem clearer and more visible. Before cleaning the windows there is one place I really have to clean up.
Whenever I go over to friends' house for dinner I always go home with new recipes ( if they are good). I asked and I get them. They do come in different ways but same form. Some recipes were scribbled on a paper (loose papers), some of my friends emailed them to me which I then printed it out (loose papers) and sometimes I just ripped good recipes out of magazines (loose papers). So over the years it became a big pile of loose papers!

Recently I saw this organizing idea from a Dutch magazine called Libelle. It looks so good! It is a recipe box! And I could divide recipes into appetizer section, main, dessert, cakes etc. NOw I just need to look for a wooden box. Yoohoo... wooden box, where are you? Maybe I should go clean up the store room. Maybe I could find a box there....


  1. thats a great idea! I love the cutlery design on the box too .. cepat cepat go search for a box then post it up here after you finish yeah!

  2. so first you have to clean store room to search for box, then do up the box, then clean window? wahh Bree .. too much to do, no?

  3. Yes me too but I am thinking of drawing other patterns on the box. If you are interested the templates of the cutleries are available at their website. And yes I really need to look for a box!