Thursday, April 21, 2011



Since about 5 years ago I have seasonal allergy. In the months (Spring-Summer) I enjoy being outdoor the most I have hay fever. Sometimes it is so serious I could be really sick. A friend sent me a link recently that one could try drinking camomile tea with ginger and it helped her with her hay fever.

I thought this sounds so easy as I like drinking tea. Here are some of my favorite tea.

This tea is special. My bestfriend, I called her Lady Fafa's aunt cleaned and dried the ingredients which is common in cooking for me. It taste good and very fragrant. Thank you Aunty Goody.

They are available at my backyard actually. 

As I was preparing this table with different tea sorts, my 8 year old daughter walked in to the kitchen with her friends. After awhile of "what's this? what's that?" they asked me if they could try them. I say why not?! I like adventurous kids like them. After awhile of tasting this and tasting that, giggled here and giggled there and instead of " Eeeeuuuuuw..." they all concluded they like one particular tea the best. "Which one?" I asked. It turned out to be the mint tea!

That is pretty easy for me because I have some mint growing wild and happy in the backyard!

As for the hay fever tea remedy, I will let you know after summer if it really work.


  1. wei, can you leave the mint plant outside when it freezes? and it'll grow again the following year? i just bought a mint plant too. you're such an inspiration, yueky! hi-5! luv, melG.

  2. They do and they multiply like weeds. You can actually plucked your friend's mint pop it in the water after a few days , watch the roots grow instead of buying. They will grow. I actually like them as garnish and add them in my curry dishes too.